Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Even Time Magazine is Looking at Food

posted by Paul K. Haeder
There are several Power Points out there in Internet land that illustrate the differences in diets, health predictors, ecological footprints, and cultural ties to food, family, gathering and sharing.

Hungry Planet photographer Peter Menzel with author and food stylist Faith D’Aluisio in Yazd, Iran

30 Families,

24 Countries,

600 Meals

One Extraordinary Book

In Hungry Planet, Peter Menzel and Faith D'Aluisio present a photographic study of families from around the world, revealing what people eat during the course of one week. Each family's profile includes a detailed description of their weekly food purchases; photographs of the family at home, at market, and in their community; and a portrait of the entire family surrounded by a week's worth of groceries.

To assemble this remarkable comparison, Menzel and D'Aluisio traveled to twenty-four countries and visited thirty families from Bhutan and Bosnia to Mexico and Mongolia. Accompanied by an insightful foreword by Marion Nestle, and provocative essays from Alfred W. Crosby, Francine R. Kaufman, Corby Kummer, Charles C. Mann, Michael Pollan, and Carl Safina, the result of this journey is a 30-course documentary feast: captivating, infuriating, and altogether fascinating.

Ecuador: the Ayme family of Tingo
food expenditure for one week: 31.55 USD
family recipe: potato soup with cabbage

China: the Dong family of Beijing
food expenditure for one week: 1,233.76 yuan or 155.06 USD
favorite foods: fried shredded pork with sweet and sour sauce

Japan: the Ukita family of Kodaira City
food expenditure for one week: 37,699 yen or 317.25 USD
favorite foods: sashimi, fruit, cake, potato chips

Germany: the Melander family of Bargteheide
food expenditure for one week: 375.39 euros or 500.07 USD
favorite foods: fried potatoes with onions, bacon & herring, fried noodles with eggs & cheese, pizza, vanilla pudding
Kuwait: the al Haggan family of Kuwait City
food expenditure for one week: 63.63 dinar or 221.45 USD
family recipe: chicken biryani with basmati rice
Chad: the Aboubakar family of Breidjing Camp
food expenditure for one week: 685 cfa francs or 1.23 USD
favorite foods: soup with fresh sheep meat

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