Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Number is 3-Five-Zero -- Climate Change Day of Action Around the USA, and in Spokane

Come join with your Spokane area neighbors to stand together and call for world leaders to set a sane and science-based climate action policy. Come to the north end of the blue Howard St. Bridge at noon on Saturday, October 24. We will have our picture taken holding a huge “350” banner. More information about climate change, and up-coming local presentations and events, will be available. Your participation is very important!.

Our event photo will be shared with local, national and international political leaders and joined with photos from all around the world to show delegates to the Copenhagen Conference, urging them to be motivated by recent science to give all peoples and plant and animal species the best chance possible to survive the climate changes that have already begun.

This activity is being organized at website please visit the site to learn more. Visit the Spokane Event site on the 350 Global Action Map.

We can use your help too at the 350 Banner Making Party this coming Saturday from 10 AM – 1 PM; and/or putting Climate Action Day handbills up in your favorite haunts. Reply to this email sender, or call 509-327-8303 for more information on how to help. Thank you!
But most important – show up for our brief but very important event, October 24!

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This blog is brought to you by
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