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Time for End of the Year Fun -- Biggest Climate and Environment Abusers

[Photo credit: A Greenpeace activist in a hot air ballon ahead of the current UN climate summit in Cancún. WikiLeaks cables expose US use of espionage before the 2009Copenhagen summit. Photograph: Luis Perez/AFP/Getty Images]

Obviously, this end of the decade has all sorts of tech news and environmental news tied to the political follies created by a highly corporate controlled society. Wiki-Leaks is making news all over the place, including malfeasance tied to climate change policy our US government has unleashed --

Professor of global environmental policy at Dartmouth College, Dorsey can comment on events in Cancun as well as the U.S. diplomatic cables recently released by WikiLeaks regarding climate negotiations. See in the Guardian: "WikiLeaks cables reveal how U.S. manipulated climate accord: Embassy dispatches show America used spying, threats and promises of aid to get support for Copenhagen accord."

see --

So, you all can see the wrap up of this year's biggest climate and environmental obstructionists some of whom are actual demons in the purest sense of the definition of that word. This is not a complete list, to be sure, but it's funny stuff, while being so truthful.

Check it out. This is great sarcasm with a punch. Unfortunately, you all probably recognize some of the names below. The writing today by a few great folk really encapsulates the absurdity of our times, of this corporate give-away, this age of stupid:

By Mike Roddy and Ian Murphy

"5 Awards For the World's Most Heinous Climate Villains"

As the world heats up and extreme weather increases there are a bunch of high-profile people who just don't get it, are handsomely rewarded not to get it, or both

This was the hottest decade on record and 2010 has been the hottest year on record. Extreme weather and starvation are increasing on every continent, as beetles devour our forests and jellyfish begin to rule the sea. MIT and the Met Office Hadley Centre predict a business as usual 6 degree Celsius surface warming by 2100, and more than that over land. Climatologists call this being "screwed." Response from the oil and coal people? Bend over. What follows is a list of people who just don't get it, are handsomely rewarded not to get it, or both.

Here are the categories:

1. Evil Twin Awards
David and Charles Koch
Bill Gates and Warren Buffet
Harold Lewis and Freeman Dyson

2. Brain-Fried '60s Icon Award
Ted Nugent
Stewart Brand

3. Credentials in the Wrong Field Award
Anthony Watts**
Edward Wegman
Glenn Beck, Professional Histrionic

4. Slimy Politician Award
Ken Cuccinelli, Attorney General of Virginia
Mitch McConnell, Senator from Kentucky and Senate Minority Leader
Joe Barton, Congress-critter from Texas

5. Most Evil Performance as a Chief Executive
Gregory Boyce, Peabody Coal CEO
Tony Hayward, former BP CEO
David Lesar, Halliburton CEO

**Correction: The association between Watts and “pro smoking researchers at the Heartland Institute” was tenuous. Heartland does indeed support Watts, but there appears to be no direct link between those Heartland researchers who work on tobacco issues and contact persons for Watts. Regarding the statement in the article about the Temperature Stations Project, we stated that “Anthony instantly dropped the project with no mention of his error, and began shouting ‘Climategate.’” This was generally true based on coverage at his blog, but, unbeknownst to the authors, temperature stations have been continually addressed at his other site: Watts’ continued concerns about distortions from improperly located temperature monitoring stations have been thoroughly debunked at NOAA, Skeptical Science, and SUNY Suffolk.

Michael Roddy graduated with honors from Berkeley, and has written numerous magazine articles and Congressional testimonies on environmental and construction issues. He currently owns and operates a small hotel energy management company, with offices in Seattle, Napa, and Yucca Valley, California. Mike can be reached at Ian Murphy did these here doodles, and he's the editor of The BEAST.

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