Monday, March 7, 2011

Bidding on OUR Public Lands to Focus on Climate Change gets You 10 Years in the Klink, in this Rule of unLaw Country

In the best tradition of civil disobedience, non-violent protest, Tim DeChristopher went to a 2008 Bureau of Land Management (US taxpayers' agents) auction on large stretches of our land. He went in hoping to make a point -- all that land is not for sale to the lowest scum bidders -- oil and gas speculators expecting an acre for less than ten bucks.

He was let into the auction, asked if he wanted to be part of the auction, and he sat down with the cancerous looking old white men and sat there and got into the auctioning.

After he was into the bidding and outbidding, he had amassed bunch of parcels near Canyonlands and Arches in Utah "worth" $1.6 million. He is known as “Bidder No. 70”
DeChristopher, 29, is accused of winning bids on more than a dozen drilling parcels near Arches and Canyonlands national parks. He said he disrupted the auction to help thwart the global climate crisis.

However, the typical stacked deck of energy influencers and corrupt judges, this so-called rule of law, has gone against DeChristopher -- he had supporters who raised the money for that land, yet the jury was not allowed to know this. In fact, the BLM at the auction knew right from the get-go Tim was not a gas-oil creep bidder. They let him in, let him bid, and then after $1.6 million into his elegant protest, they pulled his plug.

Now he faces 10 years in jail for WHAT? How many times do we have to take these low blows in the civil society movement, the sustainability movement. Our laws are absurd, broken, that need fixing, and like civil rights leaders, breaking those back-of-the-bus laws is the only thing to do.

He was found guilty yesterday, March 4, 2011. His sentencing is in June. Here's his outside-the-courthouse talk --

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