Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The State of US Education -- Full of Holes Thanks to Billionaires and Politicians

It's been a non-planned interruption of the Sustainability blog mainly because, a, I am a hard-working community college instructor teaching 5 classes and getting my students up and running in a very adversarial world. Our State, Washington, Bill and Melinda Gates-ville, is in the process of more education cuts -- on a massive scale. Students are attacked daily -- tuition hikes of 28 percent at the state colleges, classes and programs cut, and, now, 6 percent cut for 2010-11 and then 11 percent for 2011-12.

This is the nose-dive the Reagan Administration in California started in the 1970s. This is the nose-dive Republicans and many Democrats have facilitated. And, the nose-dive is something the elitist millionaire and billionaire clubs have been biting at the bit over for years.

What will follow over the next few blogs ties into climate change, green industries education's role, and so on. As this blog posts, Jill Biden and Arne Duncan and others are holding a so-called community college summit Tuesday. Another group of elitists and out of touch folk probably ramming down our proverbial throats misinformed and exploitative policies to turn Americans into compliant employees.

We've got idiot politicians trying to cut an absurdly low minimum wage further. Bills in Washington to stop an income tax on the elite. Idiots fighting a soda pop and bottled water tax, because the sugar and soda industries have pumped millions into this state to propagandize the issue.

We've seen the McArthur winners and Nobel Prize winners being announced the past two weeks -- how are we to compete and enliven culture and survive climate change when we are gutting education, vouchering it for only the elitist rich?


We'll look at the list of winners in upcoming blogs:


Below -- 10-10-10. Part of Campus2Congress:

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Bill McKibben and team at www.350.org , with relentless energy, keep growing the grassroots. This weekend, almost 6,000 teams in 183 countries are speaking out for climate solutions. Bard CEP is partnering with the town of Red Hook NY, to kick off a 10% energy reduction challenge. Look for an event near you!

Poll’s show again and again that the people are there: support for climate legislation is consistently above 60%. But the politics is not. This Weds (10/6) join Liz Butler on The National Climate Seminar, as we turn to climate politics 2011. We are expecting an all-out assault on the Clean Air Act. Is any pro-active policy possible? How can we build a stronger clean energy movement?


Liz is Executive Director of 1Sky, an organization that has worked to focus the power of millions of concerned Americans on a single goal: bold federal action to stem climate change. The call will be at noon eastern, Wednesday.


Dial-In: 1-712-432-3100

Code: 253385

Two weeks later, we will continue a focus on the Clean Air Act, with Bill Snape from the Center for Biological Diversity. Still to come this term: Michael Mann, Bryan Walsh and Juliet Schor.

C2C is off to a strong start, following our launch conference and webinar. (Sorry to those who did not get the log in info for the webinar—we’ll be in touch with the information you missed). Watch for upcoming C2C announcements about campus-to-corporation dialogues later this fall.


Eban Goodstein

Director, Bard Center for Environmental Policy

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