Sunday, July 31, 2011

Coal, Politics, Dirty Air -- Fighting the Coal Industry, one coal-fired plant at a time!!

So, I've done work on coal trains coming through Spokane and onward to Bellingham, Longview:

....and, well, the US political class is letting corporations orchestrate our country's pollution spew-age. Read the Sierra Club's please below --

Dear Paul,

The EPA has announced they are extending the public comment period for critical Air Toxics and Mercury protections by another month. Sierra Club volunteers have already sent in almost 100,000 comments but I guess the EPA wants more.

Unfortunately, this gives corporate polluters more time to find crazy reasons why we shouldn't have a rule that prevents 100,000 asthma attacks and saves 17,000 lives a year. Major polluters, like American Electric Power, are ginning up to scare the public with wild mistruths.1

Well, we're not going to let them win this fight. We know that you're aware of the dangerous effects of coal pollution, but many of your friends and family might not be.

Fight lies with truth. Forward our powerful new online coal quiz to five of your friends and family. Working together, we can invite thousands of new people to our fight for clean air.

Within just a few weeks of Sierra Club's new online quiz, 'Coal In Your Life,' we have had tens of thousands of new visitors finding out how dangerous coal really is to their own health and their families' health and getting involved in the fight to stop pollution. We won't stand by while corporate polluters confuse the public!

Clean air to breathe and safe water to drink is in everyone's best interest, except maybe wealthy corporate polluters. But Big Coal puts up ads every day attacking the EPA and our protections from pollution -- please use our quiz to educate the public and cut through the smoke screen!

It is on all of us to build a bigger movement that can challenge Dirty Coal at every turn.

Join the efforts by clicking here to get easy forwarding tools sent to your inbox and invite five of your friends and family to take part.

Thanks for all you do for the environment.


Mary Anne Hitt
Beyond Coal Campaign Director
Sierra Club

P.S. After you take action, be sure to forward this alert to your friends then share it on Facebook and Twitter using our handy share buttons:

[1] "AEP says rates likely to rise from pollution rules," Chicago Tribune News: July 7, 2011.


  1. Coal Terminals and additional infrastructure are required in the coal supply chain. Coal industry and coal prices show developing economies are more likely to increase their investment into & their use of thermal coal & metallurgical coal in coming years because of its affordability and to meet increasing demands for electricity and steel.

  2. The use of renewables for generating power is to be congratulated. The latest coal market news and coal prices is that emerging countries are predicting to use large amounts of thermal coal for power generation and coal mining for steel production.
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