Thursday, January 21, 2010

Louisiana and Sea Levels and another Katrina Event?

By Paul K. Haeder

So, some powerbrokers in Louisiana, the Mardi Gras state, and others in other states in the Senate, want to put their heads in the sand on global warming, sea expansion, sea level rise? It's one state that will suffer big-time from human-caused global warming, yet the political so-called leaders want to stop efforts to avoid its inundation by rising sea water from hurricanes, or just from a heated up sea and ice melts.

see “Sea levels may rise 3 times faster than IPCC estimated, could hit 6 feet by 2100“.

Governor Jindal (and presidential hopeful -- not another!!) and Senators Vitter, Landrieu and Murkowski just don't get it (see “Jindal Tries to Block Climate Change Regulation“). And go to -- GOP Sen. Vitter tried to block climate change response centers. Or how about: Landrieu wants to jettison cap-and-trade.

Preventing Clean Air Act regulation of global warming pollution is a wrong move.

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