Monday, January 11, 2010

The Power of a Cube

We need alternatives, now, quickly, and these Cubes, if designed to be insulated, energy neutral, and without a huge footprint of land, might be ideal as real living places, not just a second home or cabin in the woods. Still, though, all those showcase homes -- lake homes -- on CdA Lake really speak to a big split in our society between those who care and want to lower their footprints and allow a lake to be a lake, not a cul-d-sac AND those who have no intention of looking toward the future, toward a more realistic and reigned in lifestyle.

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Canadian design firm Twelve Cubed believe a twelve foot cube is all you need for a home. Priced at CDN$24,500, the building can be placed on your existing plot and be used as a guest house, a rental property, a studio, or whatever else you can fit into a 12x12 cube (The building is this size because most sheet wood is sized in multiples of 4 feet).

The cube contains a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen with dishwasher, microwave and oven, and plenty of natural light, which Twelve Cubed believe is "everything you need to make your life simple, modern and convenient. "

James Stuart, who created Twelve Cubed, has been living in his design for months and believes it is a good solution for the challenges modern lifestyles throw at us:

"I moved in almost two months ago now, having decided that I needed to prove to people that I could live comfortably in the Cube, even in Canadian winter weather. I rented my house, put most of my stuff in storage, and began to adapt to my “cubic” life. I have more storage than I need, so there is plenty for two people. When I go shopping I am buying groceries for a few days at a time, not a couple of weeks. I ripped my CD’s and DVD’s to a terabyte hard drive with lots of space left over.

Last month's power bill (propane and electricity) combined was $31.00. The average North American 1 bedroom apartment produces 5 tons of CO2 per year. A Cube will produce 0.8 tons a year. It shows you care."

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